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Spring Landscaping and Gardening Tips

Posted by Wilsons Real Estate on 13/11/2018
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Spring is the perfect time to get out in the garden. It’s hot-but not sweltering-and there’s usually plenty of rain to keep your soil nice and moist and feed all your plan life. Here are some landscaping and gardening tips for making the most of this incredible time of the year.

First Step: Maintenance

The first thing you need to do is clean out all your garden beds, and any other area you want to plant new shrubs, trees or flowers. Make sure these areas are completely clear of dead branches, weeds, leaves and other debris. If your growing areas are clogged, you make it hard for new life to push through and access sunlight and water.

Choose What to Plant

Spring is the perfect time to add some new species to your garden. Luckily, spring gives you a massive choice in terms of what you can plant, including vegetables, herbs and spices like parsnip, peas, amaranth, chillies and even watermelon. You can also plant a range of perennials or native species like Acacias and Kangaroo Paw.

Spring Landscaping and Gardening Tips

Start Doctoring Your Soil

Unfortunately, the soil in your backyard isn’t designed to grow most of what you’re trying to grow. Winter also dries up your soil, so you need to add some moisture and loosen it up while also focusing on adding plenty of organic compost. If you must use fertiliser, choose a natural option to keep your garden safe for your pets, kids and other wildlife.

Once your soil is in good condition, it’s time to add mulch. Mulch is essential in locking in moisture and protecting your soil from the harsh summer sun.

Set Yourself Up For Summer Cooking

Summer cooking should always be done outside. A BBQ or an outdoor kitchen gives you the perfect means for taking cooking outside and giving yourself a whole new space to enjoy. If you’re going to build an outdoor kitchen, make sure you include everything you need for the full outdoor cooking and dining experience. That means bench space for chopping and preparing and even a sink for washing up.

Collect Rainwater

The best water for your plants is rainwater, so set up plenty of collection points around your garden. You don’t need to install a rainwater tank, just find some old jars, 40-gallon drums or anything else you can see and start watering your plants with the best water of all.

Take Care of Maintenance

If you look around your backyard, chances are you’ll notice plenty of areas that could do with a bit of improvement. Your backyard will be getting a lot of use during summer, so make sure it’s looking its best. Now’s the time to fix those broken fence palings, give your deck a coat of varnish and make sure everything is neat and ordered before the silly season hits.

If you use these tips, you’ll be surprised at how much you can get done over just a couple of weekends. You really can set your garden up for the rest of the year if you put the work in and your reward will be a beautiful garden you get to enjoy all year long.

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